The Outstanding Generosity of Dick DeVos and his Family

Dick DeVos is a Michigan-based millionaire who has accumulated his wealth from the business sector. He is the son Richard DeVos, and this makes him an heir to both Amway and Orlando Magic. DeVos and his family have been supporting the Republican Party for decades as members and financiers. The millionaire is married to the 11th U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. The couple has engaged itself in philanthropic undertaking and even own a charity organization that is called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The primary projects that they support include Christian-based activities, justice, leadership, and education. Dick and Betsy both come from privileged families, and their parents are also philanthropists. His wife’s father is the proprietor of the Prince Corporation, an automobile spare parts enterprise, while his father is ranked as one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States. Richard DeVos is estimated to be worth $5.1 billion.


Amway is a well-established multinational corporation that manufactures and distributes various healthcare products through network marketing. The corporation was estimated to have generated over $9.5 billion in 2016. Dick kicked off his career life by serving Amway in 1979. He proved to be a hardworking person and was appointed as its VP in 1984. The business leader joined the sports’ world in 1991 by serving as the CEO and President of an NBA club, Orlando Magic. His father had acquired the team during this time, and he served as its head for only two years. Dick established the Windquest Group in 1993, and he has been acting as its CEO.


DeVos won the Republican Party ticket in 2006 to run for governor in Michigan. He was devoted to improving the state through the position. Dick pledged to the people of Michigan that he would reduce taxes to create an excellent business environment in the state if he was elected as the governor. The millionaire also wanted the education sector to be allocated more funding. His close competitor, Jennifer Granholm, won the election. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce was happy with his plans for the state, and it endorsed him.


Dick’s family foundation has been acknowledged for its dedication to bettering the U.S education system. They have made significant donations to Christian, charter, and public schools. Dick made substantial contributions in the establishment of the Education Freedom Fund, which has been supporting less privileged children by offering the scholarships. In 2016, his family donated over $11.6 million.


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