Securus Provides First Class Technology For Public Safety

Securus Technologies is the leading brand in criminal technology defense. The company provides public safety, investigation and corrections agencies with the tools that are needed to conduct a very complicated job. Securus specializes in helping solve issues such as inmate crimes. It is based in Dallas Texas and continues to serve law enforcement and detainment facilities throughout the nation. They have emergency response features as well as public information, biometric analysis communication and inmate self service products. The company prides itself on making the world a safer place through its services.


Securus Technologies has vast operations throughout the United States. The organization was founded in 1986 and has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. It employs over a thousand personnel and lends its services to well over 2,600 contracts. These contracts include a variety of correctional facility compounds throughout the United States. Securus Technologies invested in its future and by spending over 600 million dollars in company acquisitions and patents. Offender Management Systems was one of those acquisitions in 2007. Offender Management was the leader in the industry up until the acquisition by Securus.


Securus Technologies has always been an innovator in the industry of present technology. They introduced a tool that helps monitor cell phone activity. It was approved by five different corrections facilities by 2016. The company later partnered with the Harrison Corporation on cell phone Defender technology. These components will allow detainment facilities to prevent cell phones from connecting to networks that are outside of the compound.


Securus Technologies made a bold move when they decided to acquire JPay Incorporated. The company specializes in electronic payments, email and entertainment systems. JPay has contracts with facilities in over 33 States throughout the country. Securus made the move to diversify its standing within the industry. Partnering with JPay allows them to provide every necessary service to correctional facilities under one umbrella.


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