Cameron Clokie’s Contribution to Dentistry in Canada

Cameron Clokie is a serial entrepreneur, scientist, and a maxillofacial surgeon. He’s the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Incorporated. His company focuses on musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Clokie has worked in the clinical practice and academic dentistry field for over 30 years.

In 1998, he was appointed the head of the oral and maxillofacial surgery. A few years later, he became a professor of oral surgery at the University of Toronto. He has also lectured in academic institutions outside Canada. Some of the topics he discusses in his lectures include bone regeneration, the future of dentistry and general oral health care. He retired from academics in early 2017.

As a scholar, Dr. Clokie has made multiple presentations and published many papers, internationally and nationally. He’s used his experience to contribute to different medical research including bone healing. Additionally, he has developed alliances with several businesses in Canada.

This has enabled him to share his ingenuity and knowledge with commercial businesses. Throughout his career, Cameron Clokie has been a member of scientific advisory boards of different companies.

Clokie earned his DDS in 1995. He also underwent specialty training which he completed in 1990. Cameron Clokie also holds a Ph.D. in bone regeneration from McGill University. He’s earned respect as a great expert in the oral and maxillofacial surgery field. Other medical practitioners consider Dr. Clokie as a teacher and seek advice from him on issues related to surgical management of jaws.

In August 2008, Dr. Clokie was appointed to head the scientific advisory board of Biolux Research. He got this position because the company considers him an expert in implantology. As the board’s chairman, Cameron Clokie was expected to collaborate with the company’s founder, Dr. Peter Brawn, to come up with a clinical roadmap.

Clokie and Dr. Brawn were expected to work together to develop products that are based on scientific studies. The additional responsibilities of Dr. Clokie at Biolux included coordinating clinical research protocols, recruiting other luminaries and developing a scientific portfolio for the company.

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