Nathaniel Ru of Sweetgreen Advice on how to Build Long-Term Businesses

You must never start a business idea so as to make money for a short term. You should instead aim at beginning a business that outlasts you, advises Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, the high-end American fast food restaurant chain.


Nathaniel Ru explains that every company must strive to provide to the customers a deeper reason to establish a relationship with its staff and services. While using Sweetgreen as an example of a trading entity that markets itself not simply as a food outlet, Ru says,” “From the initial stages, our company wanted to offer much more than salads. Sweetgreen’s foundation was a solid philosophical, thoughtful vision to offer the American customers superior dining experience always.”


Sweetgreen,the Simple,Seasonal,Healthy Food Restaurant Chain


Sweetgreen fashions itself as the restaurant that serves simple, seasonal, healthy food. Established in August 2007, the company had 64 stores in Illinois, California, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, as of 2016. The eateries’ founders Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru were all the graduates of Georgetown University School of Business. The company’s employees are approximately 1,700.


Sweetgreen is today not merely focused on food services but other key investment operations, such as technology (sweetgreen app), music (sweetlife festival), and lifestyle space. Philanthropy is also an essential part of the hotel’s business philosophy.


Why Sweetgreen is Unique


Nathaniel Ru outlines the reasons that make Sweetgreen an outstanding restaurant chain. “We are out to create a brand that stands for something, he says. “Sweetgreen believes in feeding more people better food.”


Already, many customers know Sweetgreen as the place to find fresh, healthy, organic, and local food. Nathaniel Ru says that the idea of starting the popular restaurant was to provide healthy places at which to eat that were also “fun and easy.”


Nathaniel Ru, just like his Sweetgreen co-founders, is a first generation immigrant American. He is a tech pioneer who believes that modern day hotels need to make technology part of trade operations. 30% of Sweetgreen’s financial transactions are on the website or mobile app.


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