Madison Street Capital Reputation is Superior Service!

Madison Street Capital has done it again! Their nomination for the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards has been a continuous acknowledgement of their effort within the marketplace and it also gives clients a way to see that they have made a sound decision in choosing Madison Street Capital for their investment needs. The M&A Advisor Awards Gala at the Metropolitan Club in New York, NY, was the site of the celebration in which they were announced to be the winner of the prestigious award.


What shines light on the Madison Street Capital reputation? A financing deal that they hinged for aiding in the financing of a company’s debt put them over the top. The debt financed was for WLR Automotive, a small corporation out of Maryland. With more than 650 companies actively participating in the awards, it was an honor for Madison Street Capital to receive it yet again. The gala has been taking place since 2002, and is set apart to recognize those who are top in the industry for making deals and overseeing these financial transactions.


One of the characteristics of this award is that it seems most candidates are extremely impressive in their own right. The category that Madison Street Capital seems to excel in is the debt financing category. It is in this category that they were able to assist WLR Automotive, and ultimately to win the award at the latest M&A awards gala.


Madison Street Capital built their reputation on their management of hedge funds. The firm has always published an overview of the market at the end of their current year, with some insight into the coming year and what it might bring. Madison Street Capital is a privately held company based in Chicago, Illinois. They have been operating for more than 12 years, advising clients on how to manage their private equity, completing valuations for businesses, and offering venture capital services, as well as tax planning and other vital areas of finance for any company small or large. Learn more: