Hussain Sajwani: Dubai’s King of Real Estate

UAE’s Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate studies. Before establishing his company, he was a contacts manager at GASCO. In 1982, Hussain decided to try his entrepreneurial skills in the catering business.

Dubai’s government allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirates in 2002. Hussain took this opportunity and founded his company -DAMAC Properties. Mr. Sajwani is regarded as one of Dubai’s property market pioneers. He has hotels in the Emirates that host people who visit the region for business. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

DAMAC Properties have over 2,000 employees. It’s also a publicly traded company listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The company has made many achievements in the capital and global equity markets. The company deals with real estate.

They develop private luxury units in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties has enabled Hussain to work closely with Donald Trump. In one of Trump’s speeches, he stated that the Hussain Sajwani family has amazing people. This showed that Mr. Sajwani and President Trump have a close and healthy working relationship. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Hussain has several years of experience in the real estate sector. He portrays great skills in sales, finance, marketing, and administration. His skills and experience have played a significant role in DAMAC Properties’ success. The corporation has multiple luxurious properties in many cities around the world. These include Amman, Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai, Jeddah, and Beirut.

Hussain Sajwani is known for his great marketing efforts. Every January, DAMAC Properties offers free luxurious cars to those who buy their apartments. Some of the cars they give away include BMWs and Lamborghinis.

Aside from cars, the real estate company also offers other luxury items freely. These include jet skis, plane tickets, holiday vacations and studio apartments to buyers of villas and mansions. DAMAC owner has also partnered with other brands like Bugatti and Versace to appeal to more buyers. Sajwani’s marketing skills have helped his company maintain a great relationship with clients.

Hussain Sajwani is also a great philanthropist. A few years ago, he donated 2 million EMI ran Dirham to support needy kids across the world. Sheik Rashid, the UAE’s Prime Minister, launched the campaign. Emirates Red Crescent was also part of the initiative.

In reference to the initiative, Hussain stated that the society should come together and offer children a sound education as well as a proper environment. Abdullah Alhaj Zaroni, Red Crescent’s manager, praised Mr. Sajwani for his support.