Kim Dao Talks about her Time in Florence

Australian YouTube personality Kim Dao recently posted a video about a leg of her recent trip to Europe. In this new video, Kim Dao, who blogs about lifestyle, travel, and beauty, highlights a day she spent in Florence, one of several Italian cities she visited during her latest adventure. Learn more:


With her busy schedule on her trip, it has been difficult for Kim Dao to keep up with her video blogging. She spent a lot of time shopping at an outlet mall in Florence, where she picked up several unique items, such as a new pair of sunglasses and a handbag. Because the outlet mall was higher-end, the YouTube star was unable to film inside, and had was only able to get outside footage of her time at the mall. Learn more:


She was a bit regretful that she wasn’t able to get any footage of her time in Florence’s historic center, but she decided against taking her camera since she was a bit under the weather Kim Dao had a wonderful time with her cousin, taking in history and culture of the legendary city. Learn more:


After relaxing a bit, she met up with her cousin again the next day, and they had some gelatto at an open-air ice cream shop. After some more sightseeing, they had an authentic Italian dinner, and Kim Dao decided to call it a day a little earlier than usual. Although she slowed down a bit because of her cold, she’s not letting a case of the sniffles put a damper on her trip. Learn more: